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SIHF Healthcare Stresses the Importance of Attending Pediatric Appointments

March 5, 2018

SIHF Healthcare wants to stress the importance of parents attending pediatric check-ups. These appointments are the most important, yet the most commonly neglected doctor visits by parents of little ones.

These routine visits allow open communication between parents and doctors, and are critical in preventative medicine for babies and young children. Some parents many send their youngster to the pediatrician with a relative or babysitter due to time constraints. But these appointments are critical opportunities for any parent to stay on top of their child’s health.

Attending these visits allows parents to address concerns or questions with their doctor, in person. Write down any questions, in order of importance, and ask them at the beginning of the visit. This ensures nothing important is forgotten and gives the doctor time to address each concern during your child’s exam.

“Never leave the office confused,” said Dr. Yohannes Ghidey of SIHF Healthcare, 6000 Bond Ave. in Centreville, Ill. “If you are unsure about anything you have been told, ask for clarification. It’s also a good idea to take notes during your visit. Not only does this reinforce the information in your memory, but allows for clarification if you don’t fully understand.”

Be sure to bring records of visits your child has had with other medical professionals, whether they be doctors, urgent care centers, or emergency departments. If these professionals prescribed medication to your child, bring those files to your appointment as well. Check-ups are great opportunities to make sure all medical records are accurate and in order.

If you’re looking for qualified pediatricians to treat your little ones, come to SIHF Healthcare. Our board-certified providers offer care in a welcoming, kid-friendly environment that your child will love. Let our expert providers ensure that your child has the best quality of life. To find an SIHF Healthcare pediatrician in your area, visit


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