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Certified Application Counselor

Our counselors can assist you, for FREE, in choosing a plan through the Health Insurance Marketplace.

If you don't have health insurance and need help finding an affordable plan, please talk to the front desk at your local health center or contact one of our Certified Application Counselors listed below.  We can also determine if you're eligible for state-sponsored insurance.

Once you find a plan, your Certified Application Counselor will guide you step-by-step through the enrollment process. Remember, this service is available at no cost to you. Counselors are located at various centers across the SIHF Healthcare network. 

Current Certified Application Counselor Team:

Kiara Gomiller - 180 South Third St., Belleville, IL 62220 2166 Madison Ave. Granite City, IL 62040
618.222.4701 ext. 21221 - 618.219.4063

Linda Harris - 7210 West Main, Belleville, IL 62223
618.213.7949 or 618.398.8840 ext 21970 

Geraldine Hardy - 6000 Bond Avenue, Cahokia Heights, IL 62207618.332.2740 ext. 20452

Terri Hatter - 2001 State Street, East St. Louis, IL 62205
618.271.9191 ext.  20271
Kimiano Scott - 2001 State Street, East St. Louis, IL 62205
 618.271.9191 ext. 20270

Sam Ashford - 100 N. 8th Street, East St. Louis, IL  62201

 Cynthia Duren - 3 St. Elizabeth’s Blvd., Suite 4000, O’Fallon, IL 62269
618. 233.5480