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Financial Assistance (SmartPay)

SIHF Healthcare ensures that everyone has access to healthcare regardless of your ability to pay. In addition to accepting most insurance plans, we also are proud to offer our Smart Pay discount program.


SmartPay is our sliding fee discount plan. Once you enroll, SmartPay may:

  • Reduce the amount you have to pay for healthcare services
  • Assist with your insurance co-pays and deductibles

All patients are encouraged to apply for SmartPay, even if you already have insurance. Two factors determine your eligibility for this program: family size and household income.

How to Apply for SmartPay

Please bring evidence of all sources of family income to your healthcare center. Acceptable forms of proof of income may include, but are not limited to:

  • Recent paycheck stub(s)
  • Unemployment letter
  • Federal or State Income Tax Return/W2(s) for the current or prior year
  • Statement of information from a social services agency
  • Benefit statement(s) (Social Security, pension, etc.)
  • Court order(s) (child support, alimony, etc.)
  • Statement from a third party claiming support of daily needs

You will also need to complete a SmartPay sliding fee discount plan application form. If you’re unable to provide income verification for your first visit, you’ll be required to complete a SmartPay Affidavit Form self-declaring your income and family size. The affidavit is good for your first visit only. To qualify for SmartPay, you must provide evidence of family income and complete an application prior to your next visit.

Important SmartPay Information

  • You must reapply every year (365 days from your last application). You must also reapply anytime there’s a change in your family size or household income.
  • SmartPay applies to clinical services, such as office visits, labs, injections, and vaccines, provided at SIHF Healthcare centers. SmartPay may also apply to services delivered by your SIHF Healthcare provider when he/she treats you in a hospital or nursing facility. It does not include services ordered or prescribed by your SIHF Healthcare clinician that are provided by a non-SIHF entity, such as pharmacy items, medical supplies, ultrasounds, or X-rays.

For more information on our discount program, please speak with any SIHF Healthcare team member at your local health center!