Join us as a Provider

SIHF Healthcare is proud to serve the communities throughout Southern Illinois. For more than 30 years, SIHF Healthcare’s mission has remained grounded in creating access for healthcare by delivering primary care, dental, behavioral, and support services to those in need of medical care. Our physicians make a true contribution to our patient's community and accomplish meaningful outcomes to individuals and families on a daily basis.

At the core of SIHF Healthcare is the outstanding and compassionate medical care our patients receive from our providers. With health centers located all throughout Southern Illinois, SIHF Healthcare provides numerous career opportunities for quality providers from Physicians to Advanced Practitioners.

As a member of SIHF Healthcare, you will:

  • Share our commitment to quality patient care
  • Have an opportunity to find your personal mission in helping the medically underserved
  • Have the opportunity to improve your work-life balance
  • Have access to loan repayment options