Southern Illinois Healthcare Foundation

Southern Illinois Healthcare Foundation is a community-based, Federally Qualified Heath Center (FQHC) network that serves predominately low income or medically underserved populations throughout 10 counties in southern Illinois.

SIHF opened its doors in 1985 as a small healthcare facility on Bond Avenue in Centreville, IL with one doctor, one nurse, and a clinic director at a time when many physicians were leaving southern Illinois. Today, SIHF employs more than 600 people, including over 150 medical providers as well as a controlled affiliate hospital in Centreville, Illinois.

For more than 30 years SIHF’s mission has remained grounded in creating access for healthcare by delivering primary care, dental, behavioral, and support services to those in most need of medical care.

1985 – SIHF opened

SIHF began services as a new community based health care center in a shared facility located at 6010 Bond Avenue in Centerville, Illinois.

1990 – SIHF partners with East Side Health District Kellogg Grant

In 1990 East Side Health District (ESHD) received a three year Kellogg Foundation grant to develop patient tracking and community empowerment. SIHF also partnered with ESHD by providing medical services while ESHD provided health education and other services to SIHF.

1992 – SIHF opens two new centers

SIHF opened two new centers. The first at 2001 State Street Center in East St. Louis and a second center in Brooklyn, Illinois

1993 – First Quick Care opens & Touchette Regional Hospital becomes controlled affiliate

The first “Quick Care” was opened in 1993 at the State Street location to provide after hours, walk-in services. Also, the SIHF Board worked with community leaders to establish a new organization and Board that transitioned Centreville Township Hospital into a not-for-profit named Touchette Regional Hospital as a controlled affiliate of Southern Illinois Healthcare Foundation.

1994 – More Quick Cares added and Mother & Child Center opens

A newly constructed Mother and Child Center with 36 exam rooms was opened in October of 1994 at 6000 Bond Avenue in Centreville. Due to the overwhelming community response,two additional “Quick Cares” were added to the system; one in the medical office wing of Touchette Regional Hospital and the other in the new Mother and Child Center.

1995 – SIHF Models that Work recipient &opens two more health centers

SIHF was the recipient of the “Models that Work” award through the U.S.Public Health Department, Bureau of Primary Care. It was awarded to the nation’s best systems that provide care to the medically underserved. Also, Washington Park Health Center and the first school based center (East St. Louis Senior High School)were opened in collaboration with East Side Health District.

1996 – SIHF receives Healthy Start and 2nd W.K.Kellogg grant

During 1996, SIHF was awarded a second W.K. Kellogg grant to address Medicaid Managed Care and a Federal Healthy Start grant to provide services to reduce infant mortality.

1997 – SIHF expands services and opens in Madison County

In June, SIHF opened Alton Health Center in order to expand its services to Madison County. Another health center was opened in East St. Louis to bring pediatrics and OB/GYN services to the local community and a second school based health center was opened at Cahokia High School.

1998 – Receive Foster McGraw & Premier Cares Award

SIHF was a finalist for the Foster G. McGaw Award from the American Hospital Association and Baxter Foundation for the organizations work with the community.The system was also a finalist in the Premier Cares Award sponsored by Premier, Inc. for improving health outcomes in the community by reducing infant mortality, reducing low birth weights, and increasing the number of children under the age of 2 in receiving immunizations.

1999- Awarded Ryan White Grant & Open Center in Bethalto

SIHF became a Ryan White Title III grantee in 1999 to provide primary care and support services to individuals and families impacted by HIV. SIHF also opened a health center in Bethalto in response to a local community need.

2000 – Open 1st rural center (Vandalia)

In August of 2000, SIHF expanded its reach to include the rural community of Vandalia with the opening of the Vandalia Healthcare Center.

2001 – Expanding rural services (Salem)

In coordination with Salem Township Hospital, SIHF opened the Salem Medical Center in August of 2001.

2002 – Centers open in Belleville and Granite City

In 2002, SIHF opened its first locations in the Belleville and Granite City areas.Services were also expanded in Salem to include dental.

2003 – Expanding in Alton

In 2003, SIHF expanded in Alton by opening the Alton Women’s Health Center in coordination with Alton Memorial Hospital. This center is the only facility to offer services exclusively to women.

2004 – Expands reach in St. Clair County & adds Psychiatry to its list of services

SIHF continued to grow in 2004 by adding new sites in Belleville, East St. Louis,and Fairmont City. Belleville Pediatric and Adolescent Center opened in the Copper Bend area with Pediatrics as its focus and partnered with the City of Fairmont to open Fairmont City Health Center. In order to create access for behavioral health patients, SIHF added psychiatry to its list of services.

2005 – Mobile Medical Unit, Cahokia location, and dental services added

SIHF’s Mobile Health Unit began operations as a way to serve the migrant and seasonal farmworkers throughout Southern Illinois. SIHF also continued to expand services by opening the Cahokia Health Center and adding dental services for Medicaid patients at the Mother & Child Center.

2006 – Partner with St. Louis University & St. Elizabeth’s for residency program (Belleville Family)

In March of 2006, SIHF opened the Belleville Family Health Center as a joint facility with St. Louis University and St. Elizabeth’s Hospital. The location serves as a clinic site for a Family Medicine residency with Saint Louis University and St.Elizabeth’s Hospital in Belleville.

2007 – Expansion of current Health Centers and new services

In 2007, expansions took place at the Bethalto and Windsor Health Centers. Adult medicine and dental services were added to Bethalto and psychiatry, women’s health,and pediatrics to Windsor. Also, a new program was added to the Mobile Medical Unit to provide services to the Homeless in Madison and St. Clair Counties.

2008 – Open 6 new centers and expand two centers

SIHF had a historical year in 2008 with an unprecedented growth in size and scope.Access to care was expanded across Southern Illinois with the opening of six new health centers located in Madison, Greenup, Granite City, Effingham,Alton, and East St.Louis. Expansions also occurred with the addition of behavioral health services to the Bethalto Health Center and the addition of five exams rooms at the Belleville Family Health Center.

2009 – Opening of 3 new centers and selection of REC

In 2009, SIHF opened three new health centers which included Bunker Hill Health Center (Macoupin County), Primetime Belleville, and Central Collinsville Health Center. As healthcare began to shift to electronic health records, SIHF was chosen to be the lead agency to facilitate the design of the Region 4 Medical Trading Area’s Health Information Exchange (HIE).

2010 – Celebrating 25 years

In 2010, SIHF celebrated its 25th Anniversary by holding celebrations at each health center to thank staff and a dinner to thank its supporters and partners.This year was also marked with expansions and renovations to many of the centers.Expansions began at Salem Medical Center and renovation started at West Belleville and Belleville Pediatric & Adolescent Health Centers. SIHF was also awarded a grant for the construction of the new 32,000 square foot, Koch Health Center and the expansion of the State Street Health Center.

2011 – Grand Openings

Opened Children’s Medical Center and the newly expanded Salem Medical Center.Broke ground on additions at State Street Center and Koch Health Center.

2012 – Expanding Services

Expanded services with the openings of Mattoon Medical Center, Weber Medical Clinic,and the newly constructed McKinley Health Center
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