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At SIHF, we strive to be our patients’ Medical Home where each patient’s healthcare is our primary focus. Every patient has a relationship with a primary care provider who you select. Your provider leads a team that takes collective responsibility for providing healthcare for you that is not only evidenced–based but also, personalized, coordinated, comprehensive, and efficient.

Your primary care provider wants you to take an active role in your healthcare. At your appointments your provider will not only provide you with a summary of your care of what was discussed during your appointment, you will also receive a list of your current medications, and educational materials to assist you in understanding the care and advice you received as well as information on adopting a healthy lifestyle.


In a medical home, patients have an on-going partnership with a personal physician, who together with the healthcare team, provide personalized, coordinated, efficient, and effective care throughout the patient’s lifetime. The most important member of your healthcare team… you!

In order for healthcare to be effective, patients must take an active role in their care. As an active participant in your healthcare it is important to create an on-going relationship with your primary care provider.


Be an Active Member of Your Healthcare Team
    • Select a provider who is easy to talk to.
    • Ask questions, it is your right.
    • Bring a family member if you are uncomfortable talking about your condition to your provider.
Keep a Record of the Medicines You Take
    • Tell your provider about all medicines you take (including vitamins, herbal supplements, and over the counter drugs).
    • Inform your provider of any allergies you may have.
    • Ask what the medicine does.
    • Ask about possible side effects and interactions between drugs.
    • Contact your provider if you are experiencing any negative side effects.
    • Read your prescription labels to make sure it’s what your provider ordered and you are taking it correctly.
    • Be alert to any changes in your prescriptions.
Openly Discuss Your Hospital Care with Your Provider
    • Should you need inpatient hospital care, talk openly with your provider and healthcare team about your options.
    • Ask about the level of experience the hospital has in treating your condition.
    • Speak with your provider about what might be best for you.
    • Ask about follow-up care before you leave the center/hospital.
    • Be sure you are clear on all follow-up care instructions.
Follow-up with Your Provider About Test Results
    • Ask the provider or nurse when and how you will get the results of any tests or procedures you are given.
    • Do not assume that no news is good news when you have a test or procedure.
    • Contact your provider if you do not get results when expected.
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