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ACA Open Enrollment: After the Event

December 11, 2017

SIHF sponsored an Open Enrollment health insurance event on December 9. It was an all-day event, from 10 a.m. until 7 p.m. at the Holiday Inn in Fairview Heights, Illinois.

Our certified Health Insurance Navigators did an outstanding job assisting those who came in to enroll for 2018 health insurance plans. Overall, 37 individuals attended the event. A special thank you goes to our Navigators, Terri Hatter, Amy Reynolds, Vanessa Smith, Angie Merten, Linda Harris, Sam Ashford, Geraldine Hardy, Woody White, Kiara Gomiller, Theresa Arnold-Seeley, and Kaleah Williams, for spending the whole day helping those in need of our services, and also to Patrice Howard for managing the event on-site! 

“Our goal for next year is to continue to be a trusted resource in the communities that we serve,” said Navigator Kaleah Williams. “Positive word of mouth about our services has contributed greatly to our continuous clientele. We will continue to educate our patients and community members about the importance of having health insurance.”