CONNECT - Your Health Home

a photo of a doctor showing an elderly man information on a tablet

Combining the social aspects of healthcare

SIHF Healthcare has established a new program, CONNECT - Your Health Home, to help break down the barriers that limit healthcare outcomes for select Medicaid patients.

CONNECT - Your Health Home is an integrated form of care coordination combining these aspects of health - physical, behavioral, and social.

The goal of CONNECT, as an integrated health home, is to incorporate physical and behavioral health services and promote care in the home and community rather than costlier services at medical facilities. Assistance will include discharge planning from hospitals; maintaining appointments; assisting with transportation; providing 24-hour access, and working with the patient to maintain their overall health and wellness. 

Does a Health Home provide healthcare?

A Health Home is not a physical location nor is it provider care. The Health Home acts as an aide to help you schedule provider appointments, remind you of upcoming appointments, coordinate transportation to those appointments, and assist with programs to help in other areas of life - all to assist in improving the overall health of members.

The social aspects of health

The social portion of healthcare is found all around you in life versus in your body.

  • Is your living condition causing you to be at risk for a disease or injury?
  • Is your financial situation causing you to make decisions harmful to your physical health?
  • Are you eating healthy, not smoking, getting vaccines?
  • If necessary, do you have access to transportation, education, childcare?
  • Do you find yourself making choices between purchasing food and paying your power bill?

Understanding how the social aspects of life affect healthcare is important to bring balance to physical and behavioral health. 

What services will CONNECT provide?

In addition to assisting with scheduling appointments, CONNECT will establish a comprehensive care plan for each member, ensure that any test results are shared with all providers, note that prescriptions are being filled and taken, follow-up after a hospital discharge to ensure instructions are followed and refer to community services as needed. CONNECT provides 24-hour access.

CONNECT started enrolling eligible members* who are current patients of SIHF Healthcare this January. By March, it is estimated that Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) will assign eligible members to a Health Home provider in that member’s area.

Clinical care coordinators will be responsible for day-to-day interaction with members and will provide necessary support each individual member may require. Nurse care managers will be able to provide clinical links to specialists and consult with members on detailed health and wellness issues.

To learn more about our CONNECT program or to speak with a team member, please call 1.844.81.CONNECT or email

*The State of Illinois Medicaid program will determine eligibility and membership based on chronic conditions and level of need.