Let's Get to Know the Patient Portal

February 1, 2018

As the world of technology continues to evolve, new ways of communicating are positively impacting the health care industry. More and more hospitals, clinics, and other medical practices are implementing a Patient Portal to streamline and improve the way physicians and patients connect. The Patient Portal has proven to be quite effective in involving and informing patients about their own healthcare. 

What is the Patient Portal:
The Patient Portal is an internet-based application that gives you convenient and secure access to your health information. By logging into your own secured account, you can view your personal medical information, request refills, send private messages to your provider, make payments, and even schedule appointments.

Convenience is key:
Any patient can access their portal with any mobile device or computer. Sitting on the bus, waiting in line at the grocery store, or from the comfort of your own home; you can log on and have all your medical information right at your fingertips. Furthermore, the Patient Portal allows you to take care of tasks (like those listed above) that would normally require a time-consuming phone call or a personal visit to your doctor’s office. Now you can simply log in to your account and do everything at your own convenience!   

Allows you to stay engaged:
It’s pretty easy to fall off the wagon when it comes to your healthcare. Many individuals simply make an appointment when they need one, go to their appointment, and call it a day. But the Patient Portal allows you to do more with your healthcare. It provides a simple, accessible approach for you to get and stay actively involved in your care. By logging in and viewing your account, you will always be a more informed and more knowledgeable patient. Staying engaged in your healthcare was a chore until the Patient Portal was created. Now, it’s easier than ever to maintain a level of engagement many never thought could be achieved.

Communication has never been better:
Many patients may feel like they sit in the waiting area for an extended period of time, but only see their provider for a few minutes. They wonder how it’s possible to effectively communicate with the person who handles their health. Our Patient Portal allows open communication between a patient and his/her provider. The portal gives physicians the adaptability to respond to patients’ messages in between appointments, phone calls, or other tasks. Patients are sure to feel that their healthcare is in fact important to their provider when communication is efficient and consistent. 

The healthcare providers at SIHF Healthcare want you to know your health is important. By registering for the Patient Portal, you can help streamline access to your provider. This free, innovative system offers all SIHF Healthcare patients 24/7 access to the health information they find most valuable. To register for the Patient Portal, you can visit or speak to your primary healthcare provider. But don’t delay, keeping tabs on your healthcare has never been easier!